Private limited company registration in Chennai
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How do you register a Private limited company in Chennai?

Registration of Private Companies in Chennai

To register a Company in Chennai at least two directors will be nominated while a limit of 15 directors is selected. To register a Private Limited Company in Chennai no formal foundation decision is required and the company name must end with Pvt.Ltd.

Private limited company registration in Chennai
Private limited company registration in Chennai

Pre requisites for Private limited Company registration in Chennai

• At least 2 Indian directors.

• At least 2 shareholders and a limit of 200 investors is required.

• Registered office address is required.

• All records must be posted on the web.

How do you register a limited company in Chennai?

Additional Documents Accommodation:

The personalities of the 2 proposed directors must submit include:

PAN Card or Passport.

Proof of Address: Passport / Driver’s License / Election ID / Grant Card / Aadhar Card.

Home Proof: Bank Statement / Electricity Bill / Telephone Bill.

Name authorization process:

The name of the company must be different and an application must be made to be approved by the Department of Business Affairs. Up to 2 words may be provided. In the event of dismissal, the applicant is given the opportunity to be reinstated in the form with 2 additional words.

Obtaining a Digital Signature Certificate:

It is very important that you get the Digital Signatures from the proposed directors. DSC is required to mark the fuse application. In any case, DSC is not required to obtain name authorization.

SPIC form application at +:

Upon receipt of the Digital Signature Certificate a merger application is submitted in the SPICe and MCA form. You do not need to get name authorization to submit a SPICe Form.

Company Consolidation:

Company Incorporated with the approval of Incorporation near PAN, TAN can be obtained within 2-3 business days.

Current Bank Account:

Our company will help you to unlock the current financial balance carefully through our platform.

Private limited company registration in Chennai
Private limited company registration in Chennai

What are the Company Compliance registered in Chennai?

Appointment of Legal Auditor: The Board of Directors is required to appoint a Practicing Chartered Accountant within 30 days of Establishment to proceed with the formal review.

Start-up Business: A large amount of money referred to the MOA will be kept in the bank and the promise of start-up must be obtained from the MCA.

Personal tax recordings: Companies registered in Chennai are required to file an annual inspection form on Form ITR 6.

Annual refund: Companies registered in Chennai are required to record a compulsory annual MCA return annually in Form AOC 4 and MGT 7.

Racket KYC: The DIN KYC system must be completed annually to the Company’s proposed directors.

Benefits of Registration of a Private Limited Company in Chennai

Sending a limited private company offers many benefits. The following are some of them:

• A limited legal entity promotes the legitimacy of your business.

• It protects the owners from various dangers and misfortunes and helps to bind the individual

• Attracts additional clients

• Easy access to bank credits or advances

• Provides limited obligation to adhere to and promote your company and its services

• Increased attractiveness and the addition of more prominent assets

• Increase your chances of growing and multiplying

Here are some of the benefits of registering a Private Limited Company in Chennai as a whole

•        Credit Availability

A private limited company can get resources from the unsound bond similarly as from the financial investors. This sort of company is viewed as a corporate element which attracts different financial speculators and private backers that backings and assists the company with raising more assets and to expand their business.

•        Perform Globally

The private limited companies support Foreign Direct Investment while different sorts of firms need proper authorizing/Liaising and honour from the organization for ventures from foreign.

•        Limited Liability

As the private limited company is a different legal element, the obligation of the directors or individuals from a private limited company is limited to their portion as it were

•        Expanded Value in Marketplace

An enrolled private limited company in Chennai is more dependable when contrasted and non-enlisted ones. All the information about the registration of private limited companies is totally gotten from the authority site of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Providers, Vendors, and financial backers trust enlisted private limited companies over the other business associations which thusly expands the brand worth of the company among the clients and providers and different financial backers

•        Separate Legal Entity

A private limited company is considered as a different legal substance that has every one of the freedoms to contest or to be disputed. It goes comparably a fake individual and can buy any property or assets on its own name

•        Ceaseless Existence

A private limited company is considered as a deep rooted presence which implies they cannot be finished or disintegrated because of many reasons like demise, retirement or craziness of any of their directors/individuals/investors.

•        Ease in Transfer of Ownership

It is uncommonly easy to move offers to new people and to give new proposals in a private limited company

Agenda for Registering a Company in India

•        According to Company Act, 2013 any company to be enrolled in India should meet the beneath conditions.

•        Two Directors

To begin a private limited company, something like two directors are required and probably, there can be 15 and significantly somewhere around one of the directors should be an occupant of India.

•        Unique Name:

Pick a unique name for your business. The proposed name ought not coordinate with any of the companies or trademarks which as of now exist in India.

•        Minimum Capital Contribution:

No tension of asset necessities as there is no base capital sum expected to begin a company. A private limited company in Chennai

ought to have an approved offer capital of at minimum Rs. 1 lakh.

•        Enlisted Office:

Indeed, even a rented space or office can be the enlisted office of a company, there is no compelling reason to have a business space. All you really want is to hold a NoC letter, acquired from the landowner or proprietor.

private limited company registration in bangalore
Private limited company registration in Chennai

Records Required

•        PAN Card of investors and Directors. A legitimate visa is an absolute necessity for foreign nationals.

•        Personality Proof of Shareholders and Directors, for example, aadhar card and Voter ID/Passport/Driving License.

•        Director’s Address Proof of Shareholders and Directors, for example, the most recent Telephone Bill/Electricity Bill/Bank Account Statement.

•        Most recent Passport size photo of Shareholders and Directors.

•        Business Address Proofs, for example, most recent Electricity Bill/Telephone Bill of the enlisted office address

•        NOC or No Objection Certificate to be acquired from the owner(s) of enlisted office

•        Rent Agreement is required assuming the enlisted office is a rented place.


•        On account of Foreign National or NRI, reports of the director (s) should be apostilled or notarized.

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