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Private limited company registration in Coimbatore- procedure and benefits

A private limited company registration in Coimbatore is a private company that is privately hold for small businesses.

business entity limits the owner’s liability for its shareholders, the number of shareholders to 200, and prohibits shareholders from trading shares in public.

private limitedcompany registration in cimbatore
private limitedcompany registration in cimbatore

Benefits of private limited company registration in Coimbatore

Limited Risk to Personal Assets The limited liability of the shareholders of a private limited company. This means that as a shareholder you will only be liable to pay the company’s liability to the extent of your contribution.

private limited company registration in coimbatore

Legal Entity PLC is a separate legal entity from you, the company is in charge for the management of its assets and liabilities, debtors and creditors. And you are not responsible for it. Therefore, creditors cannot go against you to get your money back.

Capital raising capital comes with PLC registration compliance requirements, although it is prefer by entrepreneurs because it helps raise funds through equity, expand and at the same time limit liability.

Trusted companies in India are registered with the Registrar of Companies (ROCs) under the Companies Act 201. Anyone can verify the details of the company through the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA). Also, the details of all the directors are provided at the time of formation of the company. The PLC form of the business constitution is therefore more reliable.

 Continue to exist the company has a “permanent successor” until it has a permanent dissolution, which is an ongoing or uninterrupt existence.

A company, a separate legal entity, is not affect by the death or termination of any member, but exists regardless of the change in membership.

Basic requirements for private limited company registration in coimbatore

private limitedcompany registration in cimbatore
private limitedcompany registration in cimbatore
1. Shareholders

For registration of a private company in Coimbatore, there should be at least two shareholders. The first shareholder (companies) should execute a memorandum and articles of association for the registration of the company.

2. Director

A private company should have at least two directors, only individuals can be appoint as directors of the company. Where two or more existing companies or a new company is register by an LLP, the promoter company or LLP may nominate individuals as directors of the new company. To become a director of a company, a person must have a valid DIN.

3. Digital signature certificate

All filings, including a valid Digital Signature Certificate (DSC), are process through the MCA application online application system.

4. Company name

The name of the private company is the structure name (name / name word) + activity word + private limited. E.g. Company S bhaz Solutions Pvt. The proposed company name will comply with the Company Name Availability Guidelines under the Companies Act 2013

You can check the availability of company name in Coimbatore and make sure that no company or LLP name is already register with the same or similar name you suggest.

How to choose a company name in Coimbatore?

The choice of a company or LLP is the most unexpected task in the process of starting a company and LLP.

Naming a business by a promoter is a logical decision and approval of the name by the company’s registrar’s office is a legal decision.

How to choose a company or LLP name in Coimbatore is a logical process that an entrepreneur has to go through before starting the company registration process in Coimbatore

5. Share capital

The term share capital in a company means the amount made by the owners of the company to run the business.

No minimum capital (authorized or paid up capital) is require for company registration. However, the registration fee payable to the Registrar of Companies is based on different slabs of authorized capital of the company.

6. Registered Office Fee Address of the Company

The registered office fee of the private limited company registration  in Coimbatore refers to the official correspondence address of the company or its main place of business. The address of the register office fee will be use for all official communications of the company.

7. Start of business by the company in Coimbatore

First shareholders must bring the subscribed capital into the company within 180 days of the company’s investment. Only after filing a declaration to the Registrar can the Company resume business activities that each customer of the Memorandum has paid the value of the shares taken by it.

Procedure for private limited company registration in Coimbatore

Step 1: Procter Digital Signature Certificate:

The first and most important step is to buy the DSC of the employees involved in a private company incorporation in India. DCSC is also require to fill up the e-form on MCA’s online portal as the Ministry has suggested provision for online registration process of company inclusion and other applications.

A digital signature certificate, commonly known as a DSC, is issue by the Certifying Authority in token form and is valid for 1 or 2 years.

The employees involved in the formation of the company in India are the subscribers and directors of the proposed company. A subscriber is a person who is the promoter of the company and the proposed shareholders. The shareholders will have to file E-MOA and E-AOA with the DSC while the proposed director will get the DIN by applying online in the next step.

List of documents for digital signature certificate:

Passport size photograph of the applicant;

Proof of the applicant’s self-certified address; and

Applicant’s self-certified PAN card.

Step 2: Get Director Identification Number

The DIN is a unique number assigned by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs to a person applying for a DIN allotment. This number is allocate by the Ministry of Lifetime until it is surrender or withdrawn.

After the director of the company will get the DIN and report while the private limited company will be involved. Therefore, it is mandatory to be appointed as a director in any company to get DIN. then The received DIN can also be used for appointment to any other company and appointment as designated partner in LLP.

What documents are require to apply for DIN?

Passport size photograph of the applicant;

Proof of the applicant’s self-certified address; and

Applicant’s self-certified PAN card.

Step 3: Name reserve

applying for inclusion and registration of a private limited company in India, the name of the proposed company should be reserved.

Application for reserve in the name of a private limited company will be made in e-form INC-1 by paying the require fee.

In an application can provide a maximum of 6 names in the proposed order with significance for the application for the proposed name (s).

The designated professional will check the availability of names before filling the application, to that the applicant can apply the names The Registrar has 100% discretion to approve the name application.

Also the person has to apply for name approval keeping in view the provisions laid down by the Act, after that stick to the following common practice name selection and application:

The name should be easy to spell and remember;

The name will be able to provide a distinct identity to the company;

It should be short and simple;

The name should not contain any word in opposition to or prohibiting public policy;

It does not infringe any registered trademark or should be identical or identical with any registered company / LLP.

As mention above, application for name reservation can be make with maximum names, from which the registrar can approve any name or ask for additional names with comments.

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