Processing trademark registration ways and registration time period

Trademark registration ways and registration time period

Process of Trademark registration ways and registration time period Trademark Registration can be apply in the name of any natural person who is demanding to the ownership on a new trademark or liking of registering a particular trademark, can apply in consent to the Registrar in a clear way basing upon the Registration of the Trademark.

Processes of this registration, details of goods or service details are need to submit along with this prescribing fee. Logo registration, Provisional limits is the primary condition to complete the process. It is a major law process comes under sub-section (1).

process of trademark registration

Process of provision and trademark filing:

All the wellspring business follows this condition of provision limit in their jurisdiction. Primacy is the first thing to get the selecting trademark for your principle business. It is avoid the confusion at the time of two existing application coming into trademark filing.As per the norms and law legalities, the registrar can vandalize or approve the trademark without any personal intention. 

It is the liberal right announce for the position of registrar. While, rejection or delay occur in the trademark, the registrar may questionable for his certain actions on this trademark. To resolve the issue he must prepare the reference points for his action.

Process trademark registration Acts:

All the fundamental laws are keenly following with the reference of the Section 18 of the Trade and Merchandise Marks Act,1958. Suppose the application using under the mandatory norms of Section 18, according to section 19, it can be withdraw under the authority of the registrar. It can be applicable, if the application fix with any issue.

For corrections and modification procedures on trademark registration follow up Under Section 22. All this immediate correction and amendments are following with separate correction form.

 Particular section are fixing on this trademark procedure. They are come with legal formalities. For example, sec 23 is allotting for correction. Section 24 is mean for the joint trademark owning process. Especially for renewal process section 25 is allocating.

Process registration scopes and Procedures under Section 18

Trademark Registry is the separate office is setup for the registering trademark in applicant’s own independence. It is a common filing office situate in the major and minor cities of India. Specially, for the joint application, application contains which name in the priority base is gaining importance. Business undertaking places are also gaining importance in this section.

That applicant is needs to sign in the trademark registration form. If the trademark for partnership firm one of the partner’s sign is enough. Corporate firm concern relating trademarks are approve with the sign of director or the authorize secretary of the company. It clearly expressing that the persons are signing on the behalf of the company is mentioning in this trademark registration form.

process of trademark registration

Logo registration process and transliteration

In case of the sign is seems to be very similar or roman applicants are guiding to make it clear with transliteration in English language is must. It is block capital letters.The applicant using a particular Logo and that Logo should be very unique. If the Applicant’s application contain any reference basing upon the Brand, then it should contain the statement include how long it is been used and by whom it has been used.

The Registrar must testify the above statement if any such conditions occurred.The application form of the Brand name Registration can be sign by the agent of an Applicant and it is clearly mentioning in the section 25(I).

Process of trademark application:

As well as the qualification of the Agent and the way that the applicant is appointed also described in the trademark registration as regards Section 123 and Rule 21.The trademark application of Non- textile goods should be in Form T.M.-I. For the Registration of a wide variety of goods the Registrar must satisfy the specifications of the use of the brand under Rule 26(2), then only he can able to process the registration process.

Trademark Registration-Hearing process:

When the consideration of the application takes place the registrar can communicate with the Applicant for certain circumstances like the applicant have some modifications on the application or if the Registrar has any objections towards the acceptance of the application like amendment or cancellation. After completing the hearing process the applicant must apply the form within 3month else the Registrar may neglect that application. It is common one in the trademark registration process.

Translation within the Application :

The application submitting through the applicant may contain any words. Other than natural language (like Roman or any other) or not distinct. it should contain the translation of particular words. It is following the signs of the applicant. Then only the registrar will accept the application. If the Trademark registration form contains any such words also allowing one. Different from normal language the Registrar must ask the explanation of that language to the particular applicant.

Applicant’s type or impact:

Primarily, If the trademark contains the name or any representation of a particular person the, Registrar ask for the legal statement of the brand name holder to justify if the holder has any objection about the brand name registration. In some cases like the logo contain the name of the person who is already dead, the Registrar can ask the legal Statement from their family members or their nominee to declare that there is no issue for them to use those Trademarks.

Preliminary Advice:

Beyond all, Trademark filing Applicant can approach the Registrar for more advice. Through the advice from the registrar can avoid maximum amount of issues related to the registration. The Registrar does a well search based upon the trade to find if there any other similar content exist or not because applicant can use the trade at only once. The Registrar can cancel the application if the applicant neither submits the form after the three months of his advice. The applicant has to pay the fee again for re submission.

Trademark Representation:

  • The trademark Registration Application form and its additional sheets contain the exact representation of the trademark of size not exceeding the limit of 8cm*8cm.
  • Subsequently, applicant claim the alternative combination of colors then the application should contain reproduction of the trademark in that alternative colors.
  • Consequently, the application is for three dimensional trademarks then the replica of the trademark might be in two dimensional graphic or pictures.
  • Additionally, the application of the trademark registration consists of the format of goods or its packaging, the reproduction furnished may consist of five ways of the trademark and its descriptions.
  • Simultaneously, the Registrar is not satisfied with any of the trademark figuring he can request for the satisfactory brand for the registration.
  • Moreover, Registrar must seek an earlier application on the basis of which priority is claimed.
  • The goods and service within the application is a major thing to process the priority based queries.

 Trademark registration stipulation

1) The date of the Application which send earlier.

2) No. of the Application receive earlier.

3) State or provision in which the applicant has filed for.

Use of the trademark

The law of Trademark states that the Mark/Label must be used in the registered manner only. The normal use of Mark includes variation in the presentations such as different type faces and different in colors are usable in logo registration. However fair and normal use should not be stretched to the point where it would frustrate the principle that anyone inspecting the register should be able to determine the protections needed are obtained.

Specifications of goods/service

Furthermore, specifications states that the designation of a good or service in respect of which a trademark is registered. The trademark law allows the applicants to cover more than one class upon a single good or service.

Cases like the applicant submit an application for more than one class of goods and services and in result the applicant may get reject by the registrar, and for further submission the trademark registration applicant may have to pay additional fees as required in the section.

Process application for Trademark Certification

As well as, the application for Trademark Certification  should be made on the Form TM-A along with certain documents like draft policy and statement of case setting on which he relies in support of his applications. The provisions relating to examination, registration, hearing and renewal of trade mark may apply for correction with respect to trademark certification.

Process for Registration of Collective Mark

For instance, the application for brand Registration for Collective Mark should be made on the Form TM-A along with documents like draft regulations and statement of case setting on which he relies in support of his applications. For each application, the acknowledgment is given as a system generated receipt or it will send directly to their mail for further reference. The allotment of a number is just for the identification of the registration.

Process – Acknowledgment of receipt of an application

Besides, this number is not referred to as registration number or the label declared as registered one. Any violations of the requirement are an offense under the law. Before the trademark registration if the applicant use that brand he may insert the letter TM in a circle just above the brand to show the public that the word or device is applicant’s trademark.

Process -Trade registration Examination:

Incidentally, Trade registration application is examine with respect to the following:

1) Obviously, formal Examination to see that the Application accept the requirements such as logo filing form in proper format, manner and payment of the prescribed fees.

2) Substantive examination to see the brand is capable of differentiating the services of the applicant in terms of section 9 in the Act.

Quicken process of an Application

While, The allotment of official number about the application receiving one. An applicant may request on Form TM-M. On payment of fee as specified in schedule No.1. Once the applicant’s request for quicken processing is accepted the case will deal with faster track in the manner of examination within three months from the date of submission of the trademark filing application.

Hence, Quickening process is limiting only up to the stage of examination and that too subject to Registrar’s attention.In the global classification, the raw material and un finish goods are categorize regarding to the material of which they consist, whereas finished products are categorized based upon their serviceable areas.

Conditional Acceptance of Application:

Identically, Registrar checks the application and he definitely accepts that order. Or subject to amendments or renewal under some Section is common Rule. The responsibility is on the applicant to satisfy the Registrar. Then the Brand qualifies under Trademark Registration. The section negotiates discretion on the registrar to refuse application or require some modification or conditions.

However, in all such cases the Registrar need to communicate with the applicants basing on the objections rose. And the applicant can accept the Objection from the registrar. Submitting his observation to the registrar or may apply for a hearing. If the above corrections will not done in the mentioned time period the application will get rejection.

Evidence of the Trademark Filing:

Even though evidence before Registrar will give oath under Section. The Registrar may think if the application is fit he will take the oral evidence or he may take it by affirmation. The affirmation should following some necessary documents. In the trademark registration process the affirmation are relevant not as much as their oral oath but it will helpful to rendering the court’s determination.

Evidence of honest synchronize use:

Moreover, the applicant desires to use the registration under particular section. He has to formulate the case for registration on the floor of honest synchronize use. There is no fast or slow time for claiming the benefits of Section on Trademark Registration. The time only depends upon the nature of goods and Services.

Process of hearing for Trademark

Though, in some cases like the applicant doesn’t accept the amendments, modifications, conditions and desires to be heard in the manner, he is entitles for an opportunity for a hearing at the appropriate office where the application is applying. The applicant can appear by himself as solo, be in with a legal adviser or a registering trademark at the hearing.

Although, the decision of the registrar after hearing or without hearing if the applicant has duty sent his objection to the registrar stating that he does not have to attend hearing, is communicating to the applicant in writing.


In case of knock back or conditional acceptance is following in trademark application. Registrar records the documents or evidence using through him in arriving at his decision for further clarifications. In case the applicant aim to appeal from the decision made by registrar, it will complete soon. He may within one month of submission of Form TM-M to Registrar requiring one.

To state the materials and decisions use via him in arriving at his decision. A person applying to the Appellate Board for reparation of the Register through removal of a registering trademark is not heading one. It is an order requiring the Registrar to give the reason for Trademark Registration.

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