How to have a fantastic Start-up Company with minimal spending?

Do you ever think how to Setup a start-up Company in Coimbatore at low cost? Here in this blog I am going to discuss some steps and procedures to start a business. To start a business the entrepreneurs should have some extra skills to manage with the team and business. If they are having such qualities then they can survive and flourish with greater advantages. If you want to start a business only for the intention to solve the consumer’s problems, then we can assure that you will touch the success in short time.

The business which is looking for better customer satisfaction can easily achieve the success in shot period. Listening the customer needs and solving it wisely is a great challenge of start-up business.

Setup your Start-up Company in Coimbatore

Setup your Start-up Company in Coimbatore | Corpstore

If you can do so you are the upcoming millionaire. You can win any type of business. But moving forward in your business journey don’t forget to get the registration certificate as well.

 Company Registration certificate is a mandatory term for all the types of businesses. Company Incorporation certificate is a trustworthy agreement for the customers. Then only they believe that you are a registered and authorized organization. After viewing such authority certificates they get the confidence and trust in you as well they start the registration with you. The customer don’t get another chance to think back for registration.

Steps for company Registration

Here we are going to share some steps for the company formation in a successful result.

Reserve & Get Name Approval of your Company Online

The primary step is to get the name approval for your company in electronically. You can check the company name via the official website of MCA. This check is mainly to avoid repetition or existence of current company name. You can submit name as well. Once it get approved by the government it will display on the website.

Getting Director Identification Number for Directors

Getting Director Identification number is mandatory. We can obtain the DIN by filing DIN-1 application. Then file the application with attestation of the applicant. The next step is send the application to the concerned ministry in order to get approval. Along with the application you have to provide the name & address of the applicants. After getting approval you are eligible to get the permanent DIN (Director Identification Number).

Getting the Digital Signature Certificate

The ministry of affairs have been authorize certain number of consultants to acquire the digital signature certificate. They can able to provide DSC keys for each company or individuals. Digital signature certificate is mandatory for all the paperless works. DSC makes the entire process complex free. For getting DSC you have to provide name and address of the applicant.

Stamping the papers of your company

To get the incorporation certificate signed all the applicant should have to provide unsigned copies of Memorandum of Association and Article of Association. Payment receipt also have to submit along with the above copies. The superintendent have to return these copies and one of them should duly signed and stamped. After that the promoters of the company also have to sign in memorandum of Association. The fill all the necessary documents as well.

Certificate of Information

Setup your Start-up Company in Coimbatore | Corpstore

Visit the official website of MCA and fill all the forms like Form-1, Form-18 and Form-32. Provide the scanned copies of the agreement by the directors of the company. The form-1 should attached with the stamped and signed copies of MOA & AOA. The power of attorney is need to submit with the name approval certificate. All the Above documents have to submit to the Registrar of Companies. You get the registration certificate after done all these successfully. The registration certificate of your company may sent via registered mail.

Making a Company Seal

A company must have a seal to issue certificate like share certificates. The amount for the seal depends on the number of words that you want to engrave on the seal, time period of delivery and the number of seals etc.

Obtaining PAN

Form 49A is used to make permanent Account Number. Once PAN generated you will get the printed card as well. Online application is available to make such creation. Even though, you have to send the physical copies to make the verifications easier.

Getting a TAN

TAN in the sense a tax account number. To get the TAN you have to fill the Form 49B. You have to submit the same application to TIN (Tax Identification Number) facilitation centre. After it get verified it will be sent to the income tax department & your TAN get issued. We can apply TAN in online and offline via the official website of National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL).

Registration with the office of Inspector, shops & establishment Act.

This can be applicable to the local shop inspector. Here you have to provide the statement that contains the name of the manager and the employer of the establishment also. It contain the postal address and which type of category. You have to register the establishment within 30 days of starting your business.

Registration of GST (Goods and Service Tax)

If your business having turnover more than INR 20 lakh in yearly wise, then you should have to register the GST in Coimbatore. The GST Registration is mandatory if your turnover more than 10 lakh in the below states. Assam, Tripura, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand. To know more about the latest updates please check in the official government websites or contact our experts’ team of GST.

Professional Tax Registration

The professional tax in section 5 states that each non-government employer have to pay professional taxes in every year. You have to get the registration certificate from the professional tax office of the current state. Here you have to fill up the Form 1.

Registration with EPFO

Employee’s Provident Fund Organization is the mandatory term for all the business. You have to register with EPFO in the corresponding region where you are currently doing the business. If the registration is in a valid format you will easily get the establishment code number. There is no need for separate registration for each employees. This is the national requirement.

Medical Insurance Registration

To ensure the medical registration you have to able to protect every employee on your book and set the individual records on their behalf as well. You have to submit Form 1 to ensure the employees state insurance for the purpose of registration. After this you will get the employee code number.

Start-up Company in Coimbatore
Setup your Start-up Company in Coimbatore | Corpstore

You have to mention the needs of the start-up India programme regarding the Indian government. Prime Minister of India announced this strategy in August 15th to address this cases at Red Fort at New Delhi. The programme is mainly based on three pillars. Interpretation & hand holding, funding provision & incentives between industries & academia. The government also want to do away some restrictive policies that various government had at the point in time. It include License Raj, Foreign investment proposals, etc. It was Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion). Under this government programme there are lots of initiatives such as MUDRA Banks scheme & I-MADE Programme.

Get the Professional Touch in each step

If you are fed up with all these procedures, you can contact Corpstore for further help. We helps each other in each step to get registered. These registration process are really detailed and get the registration within limited time durations. Without the help of an efficient consultants you can’t able to get the company registration certificate. After reaching our premise, you will get the value of our organizations. You can deposit the complete faith on us, we know what you wanted to do. Our devoted team can assist you in all the way that you are looking up. Do register and be stable.

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