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Change name of your company on central government’s direction

(a) If the name of your company is in the belief of the central government indistinguishable with or closely matches the name of previously registered company. A direction may be issued to your company to change name.

Change name of your company

Change name of your company

(b) Upon receipt of from the central government. The company shall change name or adopt a new company name registration has registered within three months from the issue of such a direction.

(c) An application can be made by the registered proprietor of a trade mark that the same name or too closely corresponds to trademark registration of such proprietor under the Trade Marks Act, 1999 to the central government.

The application should be made within three years from the registration of the company under this act or under the previous act.

(d) If in the opinion of the central government the name of the company is indistinguishable with or too nearly matches an existing trademark.

The central government shall direct the company to change its name. The company shall do so within six months of receiving such direction.

(e) On receipt of the direction from the central government under section 16(1) change the name of your company, by passing an ordinary resolution of the members has a period of three months.

2. If your company, makes any loss in following with any direction given as aforesaid by the central government. The private limited company is punishable with fine up to Rs. 1,000.

The private limited company officer is punishable with  a fine of Rs 5000. But which may extend to Rs 1,00,000.

New company name registration

Company registration Coimbatore

3. Select in order of wish, a few selected company names are not less than six. It shows the important objects of the private limited company. Out of the six names, one name will be mentioned as the main name.

The other five names should be mentioned in order of preference.

4. The suggested company name should be in consonance of the important goals set out in the objects of the company.The key word or coined word in the name should bear a co-relation with the objects of new company registration.

5.  Keep a board meeting after offering notice to the whole company directors as per section 173(1) of the 2013 act. The new company name is selected for their registration.

6. If it is a private limited company, the officer will pay a fine of Rs. 5000 to Rs.1,00,000. If it is a public limited company, the fine is up to Rs. 25000.

7. Away from company names which  agree too closely or are the same company name registration  is available.

8. Follow the regulations released by the central government for accessible or other than reliable names for their Coimbatore office.

9. The names chosen to do not contain any mark which is indistinguishable with or deceptively similar to a trade mark under the Trade Marks Act, 1999.

10. Apply to the concerned ROC to see which of the new company names decided by you are acquirable in e-Form INC-I.

11.Once the processing of the said e-Form is completed. If registered electronically then an acknowledgment e-mail will be sent for your approval.

New Company Name

Registration company

12. If any of the suggested four names is made available for your registration by the ROC. The ROC  will inform you bye-mail that it is dismissed or ask for re submission of the application with new names.  The reference to the ROC’s refusal giving reasons for such refusal, rectify the objections and write back to the ROC without any fee.

13.If the aforesaid step is not taken immediately. Even after acquiring two chances for re-compliance of the proposal against the fee paid in the first instance.Then assign again to the related ROC.Selecting fresh names with required application fees for your new company registration.

14. The new name will be available for adoption within 60 days from the date the name is allowed. Also, notes that your company may apply for a further period of 30 days on payment of 50% of the fee of Rs. 250/- by submitting Form No. INC-C on MCA Portal before expiry of 30 days for extension.

15. On registration from the concerned ROC. The new company name is accessible for approving.The company registration prospectus is referred to whole directors of the company as per section 173 of the 2013 act.

Fix up the place,time, day,and agenda for gathering a meeting for passing an ordinary declaration? To assume the name, subject to the approval of the central government, by delegation, regional director.

16. Issue notices before twenty-one days from the date of the conference suggesting the ordinary resolution with suitable explanatory statement.

17. Every officer of the company is punishable with a fine Rs. 25000.

New Company Registration

company registration salem

18. Hold the meeting and move the common declaration is by simple number for change their company name.

19. Assign to the regional director in (Coimbatore and Salem) Chennai or Madurai as the case may be, in e-Form INC- 2412 for approving the change in name under section 16(1) of the 2013 act.

20. The required form of use is mentioned in the said e-Form. It is to be registered electronically. The following should be registered as attachments to the said e-Form:

(a) Copy of the direction of the central government.

(b) Copy of name approval letter received from the ROC regarding the availability of new company name.

(c) Copy of the ordinary resolution passed.

(d) copy of board resolution.

21. On receiving the approval from the regional director, apply to the concerned ROC for a fresh certificate of registration in the new company name within 15 days along with the copy of the order from the regional director.

22. On the issue of the aforesaid certificate by the ROC in Form No. INC-25. The change name will have their registration in the above offices as Coimbatore, Salem, Madurai and Chennai.

23. Make necessary changes in every copy of the memorandum and articles of association, letter heads, vouchers, office papers, registers, books, sign-boards, documents, records, common seal, etc.

24. If at any time the company distributes any copies of the articles of association and memorandum of their new company. The company and every officer of the company is punishable with a fine of Rs.1000.

25. The offenses mentioned in Item Nos. 2, 6 and 24 above are compoundable by the central government under section 4410f the 2013 act (yet to be notified).


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