Company to report satisfaction of charge under companies act 2013

Company to report satisfaction of charge

Company to report

A company shall give notification to the registrar in the prescribed form. Under this section the payment or relief in full of any charge is registered in thirty days. Where the date of such payment or comfort. The provisions of section (77) of sub-section(1) shall  apply to a notification is given under this section.

The registrar shall on receipt of notification under this sub-section (1). This explanation of a notice sent to the owner. The holder to show an explanation of the charge within fourteen days. It may be prescribed in such notice. The notice has to why the payment or contentment in full should not be listed as announced to the registrar. If no source is shown on the charge by such holder. Under this section (81) the registrar shall order. A directive of pride shall be entered in the register of charges have by him. It has been informed to the company that has been registered.

Under this section the notice assigned as not be needed to be sent. In case the notification to the registrar is to mentioned form. The form is signed by the holder of charge.

If any cause is shown in this section. The registrar shall report a note of that result in the register of charges. This should be informed to the company.

Under this section nobody shall be supposed to involve the function of the registrar. Under section (83)  generate an access in the register of charges. Otherwise than on receipt of an notification from the company.

Date notice of charge under this section

Where any charge on any assets or property of a registration company. Under section (77 ) is undertaking any of their company is registered. If any person earning such property, undertakings and assets thereof. If any share or importance therein is supposed to keep notice of the charge from the date of such registration in a company.

Register of charges is kept by the registrar

The registrar shall in tribute of every company shall keep a register involving particulars of the charges registered in this section. This may be prescribed in such form, in such manner. In this section an register is kept in reaction of a charge. If the register does their registration in Coimbatore office. It is open to check by any person in a company. The payment for each inspection as may be prescribed by such fees.

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