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Patent filing in Bangalore – importance and benefits

A patent filing in Bangalore is a right grant to an individual of a government-owned enterprise used to exclude other individuals or companies from making or selling patented products without the patent owner’s consent. Registration of a patent under the Patents Act, 2002 is mandatory for all Indian inventors seeking protection of their intellectual property, irrespective of their respective fields. India has some special documents and complete process for patent registration. Our team helps easy ways to register a patent with a complete legal guide. Patent registration in Bangalore – Maruthi seva nagar, in India is the law of the land that governs the use of patents.

patent registration

Importance of patent registration

The main purpose of the Patent Act in Bangalore is to protect inventions. Patents give the patent owner exclusive rights to invent, use and sell patents. India’s patent filing system design is control and operated by the Superintendent of Patients, the General Controller of Trademark Patents and Geographical Indications. This office of the Comptroller General operates under the Department of Industrial Policy and Taxation. The Patent Act in India represents a powerful intellectual property right at the national level. Patent registration is the exclusive right to use, manufacture and sell its inventions for the term of the patent.

This means that commercial use of inventions cannot be make, distribute, or sale without the consent of the Pants. its can usually be enforce in a court of law. Patent rights vary from country to country.

Patent act

patent law

The law that governs patent rights in Bangalore is the “Indian Patent Act 1970”. The Indian Patent Act, 1970, gives the inventor the exclusive right to search for it for a limited time. The patent holder is usually given a period of 20 years but in the case of inventions relate to food or drugs or drug production it is for seven years from the date of the patent. Here are some legal procedures to follow to register.

Documents required for filing a patent filing

A) Application form no 1

B) Temporary or full specification in trilogy. If a temporary specification is file it must be follow by a full specification within 12 months (with 15 months extension)

C) Draw in a triangle (if necessary).

D) The abstract of the discovery of the trinity.

E) Number of each foreign patent application in duplicate on the suggested form number, filing date and current status list and undertaking. 3.

F) Priority document in case of convention application (if the date of priority is claim).

G) Declaration of Explorer Ship where full specification after provisional specification Full specification or in case of application of convention on prescribed Form No.5.

H) Power attorney (if filed by a patent agent).

I) Fee (Patent in cash / by check / by demand draft) [Indian Patent Act]

patent registration in bangalore

Procedures for patent filing

Step 1: Find a patent

Procedure for patent registration in Bangalore Procedure patent registration search is conducted in India to know the novelty of procedure invention. In general, it is considered safe to search for a patent before filing a patent application. If an invention is found in previous arts or discontinues pre-art, the innovation of that invention may be challenged by the Indian Patent Office fee. Therefore, it is important to invent pre-art to save the applicant money and time.

Step 2: Patent drafting

Procedure for patent registration in Chennai After a thorough search around the world, the invention is written in techno-legal language known as specification which can be with or without claims. There is temporary exclusivity without claims and absolute exclusivity with claims. The specification specifies the field of search, a detailed description of the search with working examples and the best method of searching so that a person skilled in art can search. The legal part comes with search claims that define the legal protection sought by an inventor.

Step 3: Filing a patent application

Procedure for patent registration in India Filing a patent application is the first step towards obtaining a patent. Procedure Patent Registration in India is apply for as a proviso application, usually file to claim the priority date of other applications. The patent application consists of a series of forms prepared under the Indian Patents Act, 1970 1970. Temporary or complete specificity of the draft is file in Form-2 of the Indian Patents Act, 1970. If a provisional patent application is filed, a full specification must be file within 12 months of its filing. There are 6 different types of filing in Indian Patent Office Fees. These are:

General application

PCT national phase application

PCT International Application

Convention application

Sectional application

Patent of additional application

Step 4: Publication of the patent application

the action patent registration is file in India, accordingly after the expiration of 18 months from the date of filing or the date of priority, whichever is earlier, the application is publish in the official journal and is open to the public. The public is give the opportunity to arise an objection if any.

STEP5: Examination of patent application / patent proceedings

Also the patent application is check only when the request for examination have been file. The request for examination must be submit within 48 months from the date of filing the application or the date of priority. The patent examiner examines the patent application and reports the examination. The examination report contains a series of objections raised by the examiner. The answer to the examination report must be submit within 12 months of the examination report. The examiner calls the applicant or his agent for a hearing if necessary. This stage is call patent procedure.

STEP6: Patent grant

At the same time after compiling all the objections regarding the examination report and the examiner is satisfy with the answer of the applicant, the application for grant is place. similarly On the other hand, if the examiner is not satisfy with the answer and arguments of the applicant, he / she may reject the application.

 benefits of registration

Benefits of patent filing

  • After Encouraging innovation and discovery once the applicant receives the patent, after they become the sole owner of the invention or idea.
  • It is important for a business to file a patent in India as the patent prohibits its competitors from copying, selling or importing its intellectual property without prior approval. In this way the patent holder can protect his patent rights in support of the existing law of land.
  • Patents can be sale and license just like any other type of property
  • Patents are just like any other intellectual property and can be transfer by the inventor.
  • Patented products have the potential to improve the brand’s vision and potentially enable the business to charge a premium. With exclusive patient rights, the patent owner controls the use of the invention for twenty years and more.
patent filing in bangalore

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