What is Copyright? What is its importance?

Copyright is done for the artistic, creative work so that no other person can take rights over his work and cannot use it without his permission. The copyright gives full authority and honour to the work he made. Also copyright registration in Coimbatore suggests you may take actions on the infringer. Copyright also allows you to enjoy the economic benefits. The notice of visually perceptible should consist of three elements. They are: (a) copyright symbol can also be abbreviated as Copr. (b) The year of first publication and (c) the name of the copyright owner.

Copyright registration in Coimbatore says that ideas, methods or systems, commonly known information, choreographic works, name, title, fashion cannot be copyrighted. Choreography may be expected to copyright but it cannot be if it is not videotaped or notated. The fashion design cannot be copyrighted they can only be patented. The phono records are the sound records has this symbol sound recording symbol the year the publication of the sound recording and name of the copyright owner.

Protection of copyright software

Copyright registration in Coimbatore says that the source code and object code are subject to copyright. The source code is human readable and the object code is machine readable. The literary work in computer program consists of elements like table, compilations, and databases. If literary work must be copyright then these elements should also be copyrighted. The infringement of copyright software is called software piracy. 

Copyright registration explains End user piracy. It can be explained as the users who install the software without permission or the installation of the software in many systems can also told as end user piracy. Hard disk loading is defined as loading illegal copies of software on to the system before selling. These systems will be sold without license. The software counterfeiting is the illegal duplication and sale of software. The software is uploaded onto the other sites and can be downloaded for free in other sites. If any of the infringement happens, it can be given remedies. 

Remedies in a Copyright Registration

Copyright Registration- What we want to know about?

Copyright registration suggests few remedies. They are: Temporary and permanent injunctions, impounding and destruction of all infringing copies, including masters. And also the actual monetary damages along with the infringers’ profits and statutory damages.

Copyright registration in Coimbatore says that copyright can be done internationally. This protection is a result of international treaty obligations, under which signatory nations have agreed to give citizens of other member countries the same level of copyright protection that they give to their own citizens. Only competent can entertain Software litigation.

Copyright registration in Coimbatore explains the place of filing the complaint relating to infringement of software copyright would be the place where the defendant is found or where infringing acts occur. And no complaint shall be entertained after the expiry of the three years from the day when action has accrued according to the Statute of limitations on civil copyright claims. Copyright registration says that not only copyrighting the work is important also if two people have the same expression of thought can approach for copyright but the person who approaches first matters a lot.

Myths and facts about Copyright

Copyright Registration- What we want to know about?

Copyright registration in Coimbatore says some of the myths and facts. If the work or video is on the internet anyone can use it. No. Copyright is not waived when you publish video or image on the internet. If the work is less than 10 % then it can be used. No. Even if it is very small part it is not allowed to use if it is an integral part of the work. I can use other people’s work if I credit them. It depends upon the owner. If he does not allow you to use the work, then you can’t use his work.

I can use the piece of work provided I don’t make money out of it. No. You can’t use the work even for non-commercial purpose. Education and public lending rights payments are the same as copyright agency payments. Copyright registration says that no they are different.

The schemes are designed to compensate authors and publishers for potential loss of sale revenue due to the borrowing of books. If it’s unpublished, copyright doesn’t apply. Copyright applies to the published and unpublished content. As soon as the work is fixed it can be covered by copyright. The rights revert to me when my book is out of print. It depends upon the contract. If your contract is not explicit about rights, you may need to obtain legal advice. Also you may need to send publisher written notice asking for reversion of rights. Copyright registration in Coimbatore helps you in various forms like giving suggestions as above.


Recently the copyright applications can be submitted in electronic form because of COVID-19. If necessary, the Office will consider additional appropriate modifications as it becomes aware of sufficient disruption to the copyright system caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Copyright registration in Coimbatore says that the members of the public who have been affected in their ability to participate in the copyright system are encouraged to contact the Copyright Office through proper websites. Thus the copyright gives moral and economic rights to the creator. Copyright registration in Coimbatore says it is one of the Intellectual Property rights and should be used effectively.

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