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Ultimate Guide about Private Limited Company Registration

Pvt Limited Company Registration or LTD is a private business sectors. Here the maximum number of members in a company is limited to 50 and the responsibilities of the company director is limited to the shares which they are provided at the time of Private Limited company incorporation. Private companies are not share their profits with the public sectors and with publics. It is fully a complete independent legal entity.

If you want to achieve a Private Limited company Registration, then you have to well educated about the procedures and documents required. Primarily, you have to check that you are eligible or not for incorporation.

Most of the start-up firms are choosing Private sectors. This is mainly because of its wide range of advantages. Start-ups are the small scale business. Pvt Ltd companies are suitable for such start-ups. In this blog, we are discussing about the advantages too.

Funding is the main part of a growing business. If you want to get any of the funding, all you want to do is registration. That is the big reason every start-ups still registering their company firm under the Private Limited. Banks, Angel Investors, Financial institution, and all gives deposits or loans based on the Incorporation certificates. If you are not registered yet, then it will be a great lose for your firm.

What are the Minimum Requirements of Private Limited Company Registration?

Pvt Limited Company Registration-Guide with Documents&Procedures

Do you ever head into the requirements or the eligibility role of LTD? Most of the answers are “YES”. Minimum of 2 Directors are mandatory to heads up into the Private Limited Company Registration process. Among the 2 director, one should be an Indian Resident.

Promoters of the Company

In India we can register a LTD company by 2 persons. Any of them can act as the first director/ shareholders of the company. In case of director, it shall be 15 and the maximum of shareholders are up to 200.

Resident Director

Among the 2 directors of the company, one should be a residential person in India. The residency in the sense he must have to stay in India less than 182 days during the preceding financial year.

Capital Requirements

There is no minimum calculations in a Capital requirements. We can invest any of the amount as a Capital fund. But the cases like Government fees arises, those fees are calculated based upon the total amount of Capital Funds.

Unique Company Name

Company name uniqueness is an important one. So while choosing your company Name make sure that it should not resemble with any other existing companies. For this, try trademark registry. There you can check out if your proposed name is math with any other existing ones in India or not.

These are the minimum requirements to get Private Limited Company Registration.

Next we can check with the document requirements of a Pvt LTD Company.

Documents Required for Registration

Pvt Limited Company Registration-Guide with Documents&Procedures

Without any proper documents we can’t able to do company registration process. Here are the main documents for that.

  1. Both Director’s 2 copies of Colour Photographs.
  2. Each Directors PAN Card Copy.
  3. Voter ID/ Driving License/ Passport Copy as Identity Proof
  4. Electricity Bill/ Mobile Bill/ Bank Statement as an Address Proof
  5. Registered Office Address Proof Copy
  6. Any of the Utility Bill Copy
  7. No objection certificate from the owner of the Office or Land.

Procedures for Private Limited Company Registration in Coimbatore

If our procedure for company registration is done properly, then we don’t have to worry about any legal hindrances. Before that, we have to find any legal consultants who can do all the legal services in more reliable manner.


The primary step of Pvt Ltd Company registration is documentation. In the above paragraph we discussed with the documents needed for registration. Submitting those documents to the service provider is the foremost step here. We have to submit all the details and address proof of the directors and the place of business. All should be correct and reliable.

Name Check

Company name has a greater role in the registration. It should be unique in their own way. For that we are conducting the name search in MCA and trademark database. This is mainly to avoid the similarity of the name with any of the existing names.

DSC Generation for all the Promoters

DSC OR Digital Signature is the equivalent term to the physical or paper signature under the Information Act. All the documents which are submitting to the Registrar of Companies must sign digitally with DSC of the proposed Director. Company registration always starts with the issuance of DSC for shareholder and director of the company.

Name Approval for Company Registration

The company name approvals are getting by filling the application called, RUN Application. This is submitting to the RoC for getting approvals. We can file such applications by entering or submitting two proposed names in it.

SPICe form Filing

Pvt Limited Company Registration-Guide with Documents&Procedures

After the Name approval, the next step of Private limited Company Registration is to file the confidential application form. The Application form is termed as SPICe form and it is to be submitted to the Registrar of Companies with some appropriate documents. The documents that are attached with the SPICe forms are MoA and AoA of the company, KYC documents of the promoters, and the proof f the place of Business with no objection certificate from the owner of the land.

Then the application is digitally signed by the promoter of the company using DSC and then further signed by any of the Practicing CA, Company Secretary or a practicing advocate in the high Court. The Filing fees of the company registration is dependent on the Total capital Fund of the entity.

Company Registration with RoC

The last step of the Private Limited Company registration is the Incorporation certificate generation. The incorporation Certificate is the evidence or proof of the company’s existence. It should be delivered by RoC.  The company is registered with the Roc, It is the symbol of Company Incorporation Certificate.

Company’s PAN & TAN Number

Company’s PAN and TAN is generated at the time of incorporation. Those numbers are printed on the Incorporation Certificate itself. Likewise, after the incorporation of Private Limited Company both PAN&TAN are sent via emails of the proposed directors.

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