ISO Certification standards are the tool for integrity

Oral statement about the quality of your product or service is not having that much of impact when compared with the legal certifications of ISO Certification standards. ISO Certification is a tool for the integrity and sincerity of your product’s value to the customer. Nowadays peoples are strong minded and they do not believe just in your oral specifications about the goods. They need strong evidence, they need ISO Agmark, they need logo and registered trademark. The ISO turned as a contractual requirement for some industries. It is an internationally recognized certifications and it deals with the quality as well as service of the company. Because of the ISO Certifications you will get a chance to win the product testing and it may leads to increase your revenue.

ISO Certifications are done by external certifications bodies. A company cannot itself form any certifications. ISO bodies develop certain international standards such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. The ISO committee on CASCO (Conformity assessment) produces number of standards which are relating to the certification process. ISO is an international organization with a membership of 164 national standards bodies.

Choosing an ISO Certification standards body

There is multiple certifications body. Choosing the correct certification consultants is really ample. You have to consider the below senses when you choosing a certification body.

  • Evaluate multiple certifications bodies.
  • Check if the selected certifications body uses the relevant CASCO Standards.
  • Check whether it is credited or non-credited. The non-qualification does not mean that it is not trustworthy.

Certification Display

Remember the below cases, when you are labeling an ISO mark on the product or services.

Do not say ISO Certifications or ISO Certified. Instead of that do say, for example: ISO 9001: 2015 certified or ISO 9001:2015 certifications.

Check if there are any valid certificates in each country for the main ISO management system standards.

ISO Certification standards Logo

ISO Certification standards is the tool for integrity | Corpstore

The ISO logo is a registered trademark and cannot used by any person outside of ISO until they get authorization. If you want to add the logo to establish the certifications, contact with the certifications body.

ISO own the logo and trademark of international organization for standardization ISO®.  We are having a registered ISO trademark. These trademarks are well known.

Based on the ISO policies only ISO, ISO members and ISO technical committees are capable of using the ISO logo and short names in legally.

ISO Certification standards considered as a Brand, reputation, quality, confidence, and trust.

For standard users, customers etc can consider and take ISO as a Brand, reputation, quality, confidence and trust and lot other positive values. That’s why we committee members take care about more seriously on the ISO standards. We know how people react when the quality losses and ISO trademark could mislead.

The customers may affect with fake impressions and confusions about the quality of the products and services. Our committee members and the whole team take actions against when the ISO reputation is at risk.

We are having certain legal actions those we can use at the time of or ISO trademark infringement. The actions are

  • National trademark actions
  • Notice and takedown claims (including under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA))
  • Domain name abuse claims
Guidelines for ISO logo and short names

The members of the ISO committees and ISO TCs can use the logo and short name of ISO. Here are some of the guidelines for the standard customers when they use ISO trademarks.

ISO Logo

  • Do not ever choose the ISO logo or copy
  • Don’t make changes on it
  • Should not use modified or changed logo of an ISO

ISO Short name

ISO Certification standards is the tool for integrity | Corpstore

Do not register your domain name, company name or site as ISO. For example some prefer the following format: and it should not acceptable.

  • Should not use ISO in your product or service as labelling
  • ISO does not perform certifications. So never ever say that your products or service are certified by ISO.
  • Refer to ISO in a nice and proper way.
  • Reference to ISO standards must be in a full format. e.g., “ISO 9001:2015”.
Complaints of ISO certification body

The next step of the implementation of your management system or company is cross verification of the requirements with the auditors to measure that the policies and the process meets the requirements of the standard.

It is applicable for various ISO standards like ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 27001, ISO 20000, and ISO 13485. Other standards like IATF 16949 and AS9100 are also included in these cases of verifications by the auditor.

There are lots of benefits when a third party company auditor performs the certifications. It helps to improve the overall management system.

In some cases the company disagree with the certification auditor if it happened it is important to know what is the another steps to go with.  

Step 1: Start the query with the auditor

ISO Certification standards is the tool for integrity | Corpstore

The ISO certification auditor has certain cases of responsibilities like your process and activities manage with your own policies and procedures and also some standards that you are being certified against. If there is no such requirement, the auditor raises nonconformity for you to correct. The auditor not raises any nonconformity if there is no requirements, no evidence etc.

Nonconformity is not a matter of opinion it is the statement of fact. It is completely reasonable. You are having the rights to ask to the auditor about what requirements are needed to take when the nonconformity rises.

The auditor clearly mentions what requirements a company should use. The clear statement about the inconvenience is better for the company to take better actions. If the auditor raising the nonconformity just without any evidence, you can file the petition or actions against him.

Step 2: Discussion at the closing meeting

If the 1st step is not suitable or it does not work well then go ahead with the second step. The second step is to discuss the requirements with the lead auditor at the closing meeting. He is having the authority to check the ISO Certification complaints, and audit reports. Later he checks the requirements are either nonconforming or conforming. The lead auditor file the final audit report based on the analysis.  

Step 3: Official written complaint to the certification body

The requirements that you are applied for both auditor and lead auditor does not result any leading, in such cases you can go ahead with the ISO certification body. This can be done by applying a written complaint to the certification body. There are employees who can judge and correct your nonconformity. Most of the certification bodies are having their procedures which can accessible by publics.

They upload their requirements in the web site so it is easy to determine the procedures and complaints. Most of the complaints are settled down in the closing meeting. Some customers approach the certification body because of the behaviourance of the auditor.

The management system audit is based on the seven principles per the ISO 19011:2018 guidelines for management system auditing. Here the auditor has to uphold the confidentiality, independence, evidence-based approach, and other positive vibes.

When should you contact the Accreditation body?

If you have a serious complaint about the certification body, you can contact Accreditation body. Complaints like unethical business practices such as asking for bribes to ignore nonconformities, issuing certifications without any audit being performed etc. if the certification body raising any actions then the accreditation body will want to know and take action.

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