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Quality System of ISO 9001

ISO certification 9001, Clause 4.2 demands that the supplier of the product/service should carry the documents and whenever wanted he has to establish those data of quality system.

The proprietor should maintain the quality system related to the goods to ensure the quality of the supplied one.

Alternatively, the quality maintaining system should be in the form of manual, procedures, and instructions.

The quality system contains many inner tires which has lots of other functionalities referred in the below sections.

Especially, the manual of ISO Certification contains the following system:

  • Instructions to follow up to maintain the quality of the system
  • working procedures of the system
  • What are the things included in the system/ Scope of the system
  • if any one among them is missing, the details of that missing things and its reason .
  • some charts like flowchart, bar-diagram etc to show off the activities of the subsystems.
Quality System ISO

Basic information included in the ISO Certification Procedure:

Likewise, the procedure should contain the relevant information about responsibilities and particular terms and conditions for the
quality increment.

Short View of Quality system Manual

The manual defines the complete structural view of the organization’s quality routine. Using this manual customer/staff can interact with the corporation .And they will get an idea about the terms and conditions that they used. I mean, we will get a reference to the quality term by using this manual.

However, it serves the quality audits. The customer will get the structural quality view of the firm and get more traffic to the companies. Conversely, it aware the teams to boost up the end product’s quality .

Customer satisfaction on ISO certification is mandatory in quality system. So the manual should contain some basic requirements to achieve the customer pleasure.

How to prepare a Quality system Manual?

Though, the quality manual preparation is a careful task. We have to deal with every person related to the quality facts. The companies may check the manual of other companies to refer the quality contents that they used. But legally it should not to do.

Because it will affect the similarities of the quality content. No two companies should not same when they prepare the same product.  Notably, the manual creation is not an easy task.

It has some existing knowledge with the company and the manual should base on that knowledge.

It should include some traditional knowledge. The first steps include gathering all the information from the one who already did the same job then analyze the fact of assuring the quality to the buyers.

When we need to modify we can change the manual according to the view of supervisor and other persons who are in the high post. Before the changes get finalize sure that it’s all accept the practicability.

Some companies don’t follow the full set of activities included in the ISO 9000 Standard.  

ISO Registration Standard is the general one for all the goods. As well, small or medium companies who are creating simple products do not have the license to smear all the ISO standards.

Some of the standards fulfill with by adding the existing standards. Considering, the good quality system should maintain the simplicity and should not contain highly elaborated documents, forms and records.

For each procedure use separate documents and use same numbering as the standards.

Manual Configuration of Quality system

The structure of the manual should mainly contain the 3 parts.

  • Title of the document
  • Scope
  • Introduction part

Indeed, the introduction page should contain the title of the scheme, company details, brief description about the mission and content.

Quality policies and organizational impacts: This part defines the quality of the products and the organizational structure of the company defining the responsibilities & the authorities.

Description of the quality system: In particular, this is the main part of the manual. It includes the elementary parts of the quality system that we can apply to the company. It also defines references to the quality departments that are carried out by various departments.

The ISO certification Standard does not describe any specific format for the manual creation. Format is user friendly.

Allotment of quality system

Likewise, copies of the finished manual should distribute top each and every departments as they want. The exact document should serially numbered and the follow all the names of the recipients. The copies of the ISO manual should be used for the further reference to the customers and other organizations. Such copies should mark as uncontrolled copy to do further updating.

Changes of the documents

Notably, any copies are enabling to change for certain reasons. Some methods for amendment and controlling are possible.  For this needs there is a document control function.

What are the techniques under Quality system?

The procedures and work conditions are mentioned in the ISO certification Standard’s old version (1994), are now formed into a single term as “procedures”. Specifically, there is no particular difference between the procedures and work instructions.

In the work instruction it gives a basic idea of how to achieve the high quality data with certain terms and conditions.

Regarding the terms and conditions, to achieve a qualified product the operational team should undergo some activities.

The ISO Certification activities are widely varying like the receipt and conformation of the product, operation of machines, documents assessments and validating the issues related to documents.

In other words, each data should include in the departmental manual.

The manual helps people to work in a uniform environment and make the probable result. Allocate operations equally to all the employees and making responsibilities.

Format of the quality system Plan:

Title of Document: It defines the name of the goods, services to which the quality is applicable. Should possess the unique serial number.

Quality techniques:  It determines the quality related procedures to follow up for maintaining a quality system. If any exclusive steps involved, it should also mention in the techniques.

Special techniques:

It contains the below sub steps

It contains the below sub steps:

Delivery Verification of the received goods/service:  Even though, it defines the different product and services applicable to a particular condition. In some cases the inspection criteria also defined.

In-Process Control: Special process also applicable in this verification process. It contains the initial steps of validation process.

Final Correction:  Rather, it includes the special instructions and functional checks. In the final steps checklist are also applicable to define the errors within a document.

Flow chart: To get a clear vision about the activities on the ISO certification a flow chart should create as part of the document.  The flow chart should contain the relevant information about the special operations taken ,packaging, dispatch and installation reports.

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