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A business entity formed for Private Limited Company Registration and its private ownership from one country to another with slight differences that was used in various jurisdictions.  Examples include LLC in the US, Limited UK shares, GmbH in Germany, or in the Czech Republic.


Lets took some of the Private Limited Company advantages involves company registration :

Limited Liability

During the recent session that was lasted from December 2007 – June 2009, financial problems are permanently closed and experienced. One of the advantages of owning a private company is that financial liability especially shareholders and their limited shareholders. Therefore, if a private limited company was in trouble financially and had to close shareholders would not risk losing personal assets. Although a fraud perpetrating related to the private limited company would negate a limited liability owner’s protection.

Shares Restriction Trades

The restriction that was placed on the sale of shares transfer that may be considered as a disadvantage and an advantage based on your outlook.  Some shareholders advantage who wants to sell shares that cannot sell them to buyers who is outside. Shareholders must agree with the share sale transfer with low hostile risk takeovers. The restriction on the sale share placed is a disadvantage because shareholders have limited advantage of liquidating shares.

Existence Continuance

Another Private Limited Company advantage is its continued existence, even after the owner’s death or leaves the business. Incorporation of the private limited company when a business incorporates which becomes an independent legal entity, meaning it is able to sue or own assets from the company owner separate. A private limited company differs from the sole proprietorship is owned by a single individual who is personally responsible for the company debts, businesses and essential to its continued existence.


Limited Liability Company in Albania is a company founded by the physical persons commercially or status judicially, who are not liable for the company and bear losses personally that were up to the intelligent contribution agreements. Contributions of the partner constitute the limited liability company registered capital,  each partner has his company quota in proportion to the company capital contribution registered capital is separated between the partners according to their contribution proportional ratio. In Albania, a limited company may not have a capital that was less than 100.


Not an exact equivalent although the LLC Argentine variant is called Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limitada (S.R.L) and the limited liability members limitations up to their company contribution capital. The equity is divided into equal stakes, which represents each one a company percentage on the stock exchange that cannot be traded. By-laws are regulated by N% law and the limited commercial partnership with 50 members maximum.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Legislation Bosnia and Herzegovina, similar to that in Montenegro, Serbia, Macedonia contemplate LLCs Companies using this structure add the abbreviation d.o.o to their company name. Ad.o.o is a shareholder or a member is an only liable person personally up to the company’s member investment value.


The Brazilian law of corporate structure is the Sociedade Limitada to the American LLC, under the new Brazilian Civil Code of 2002. The new name for the Sociedade is the Sociedade Limitada for quotas de responsabilidade Limitada that can be organized as empresária or simples, under this new code, roughly corresponding to the form of commercial types (“commercial”) and civil (“non-commercial”) of the Commercial Code. A new Brazil law had done to obtain an LLC called Empresa Individual de Responsabilidade Limitada. The main requirement is the capital of 100 times the minimum current wage.


Bulgarian legislation corresponds to LLCs (Ltd, GmcH, SARL, etc.). Companies incorporated under this structure add to the cyliric abbreviation to their name. an LLC incorporated case with a sole shareholder/member (ownership-sole), this is designated and known as limited liability sole-ownership. Specifically, The EOOD is exempted from annual, general and extraordinary decision meetings and may just create resolutions in a written mode.


Chilean law contemplates a certain LLC form known as “Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limitada” (Association of Limited Liability). And (LLC)  These companies are followed by law N° 3.918. Among their main characteristics, we can say that,

They can pursue a commercial ornon-commercial purpose (Sociedad Commercial de Responsabilidad Limitada / Sociedad Civil de Responsabilidad Limitada)

They must be formed by two or more partners and can hold up to fifty maximum.

Their equity is divided into “cuotas” (not shares) each one of which represents a company percentage.

They can be managed by two or more partners or by the board of directors.

Their by-laws cannot be modified or their partners are changed without all the other partners’ consent.

In consideration of tax, they differ from LLC’s because they pay a corporate tax for their income, amount that can be deducted by their credit owners against the taxes they pay.

Chilean law also contemplates individual owner LLC a very special kind called Empresa Individual de Responsabilidad Limitada (Limited Liability Individual Company), which uses the abbreviation E.I.R.L


Colombia legislation contemplates the above mentioned very similar case in the Chilean case. The Ltd abbreviation is also used in the Columbia.


As per Icelandic legislation, there are two types of LLC forms they are privately held limited liability forms and publicly held limited liability form.


Among 93 per cent of the incorporated companies in India are registered as Private limited companies.

Earlier the shareholders had to pay a minimum of Rs 1 lakh as a subscription amount to a incorporation of the private limited company, Now there is no such requirement.

Private Limited Company provides Legal Protection for Limited Liability Shareholders.

A Private Limited Company lies between a widely owned public company and between a partnership.

A Private Limited Company is identified by the number of members, the name of the company, directors, formation, meeting, shares etc.

A Private Limited Company is “ Limited by shares” therefore shareholders associated by the company and the theoretical share values and any paid in return for the shares issued by the limited corporation which is initial capital vestment.

The Private Limited Company is the most preferred option for any startup that is looking at scaling up as it is very easy in Private Limited company by external funding to issue fresh equity shares in lieu of funding received.

A Private Limited Company is recommended for any kind of business that is considering  Employee stock options or FDI or Equity funding or Venture Capital funding.

Private Limited Company offers a good image to its promoters or standing than that of LLP. Private Limited Company also enjoys better access from banks to funding and direct foreign investment.

Once the business is incorporated into the private limited company, can start its own business. Register your own private limit company with your residential address.


Japan passed legislation in 1996 creating a new way for business organization, (J-LLC), a close variant of American LLC Japanese tax authority does not consider J-LLC (Godo-Kaisha) a pass-through entity but as the taxable entity.


Limited Liability Company in Latvia is referred to as sabiedrība ar ierobežotu atbildību (SIA). SIA is taxed as a incorporation. The minimum capital required by the shareholder is 2800 by increasing their share capital with money or moving at least 25% until capital will be 2800 from annual profit.


In Poland, literally, a limited liability company is termed as “company with limited liability”.


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