Design Registration in Chennai

Design registration in Chennai is done so as to enable the protection of newly created design. Our prestigious firm has now extended its wings in various places of Chennai like OMR, Anna nagar, Velacherry, Guindy and Red hills. We Corpstore are the frontier in doing all kind of registrations. The registered designs can be applied to particular articles. The features of the design like configuration, pattern and the ornamentation are protected in design registration. Registering a design gives the exclusive rights to the owner to file against the unauthorized copying. The owner of the design is given the rights to exploit the design in many ways. The owner can use the registered design in market share and even the owner can sell the design.
Design registration in Chennai is important since the design protects the visual traits of the products and the packaging. If a designer adds something very new and creative to the product, it adds some individual character to the design. The design makes the product scalable and also adds commercial value to the product. Hence if the design is admirable, then the design has high demand. Thus such design should be registered. The period of exclusivity in the design act is the industrial design which helps in building the reputation. The review of the design is simple and reasonable. This feature is helpful for many of the companies which contain ever-evolving products that are new and need to be protected. The design registration in Chennai is important since the rights of design of their product in key markets both nationally and internationally and gives protection against infringement.
Documents Required For Design Registration
  • A certified copy of the original from the disclaimers
  • Affidavit
  • Declarations

Design registration procedure

  • Filling the design registration application form 1
  • Dating of application
  • Examination of the application
  • If objection is raised and no response, then it will be abandoned
  • If no objection then it will be accepted.
  • There will be notification in the official journal
  • Then finally the certificate is issued.