Coir Board Registration in Chennai

Coir board registration in Chennai is required since it is important to promote the measures that are needed under the Coir industry. Our prestigious firm has extended its wings in various Places of Chennai like T-nagar, Meenambakkam, Tambaram, Perunkalathur, Vandalur and Guduvancherry. We have group of professionals who take part in the registration services actively and efficiently. It encourages the scientific, technological and economic research and helps in maintenance of the research institutes. It collects the statistics from the manufacturers and dealers who are related to the coir industry and such statistics will have the publication.
Online coir board registration in Chennai is significant since it fixes the grade standards and arranges for the inspection. It improves the marketing of the coconut husks and all the coir products in India and prevents the unfair competition. It also sets up the factories for the producers of the coir products with the aid of the power and also promotes the cooperative organization among the producers. The remunerative returns are also ensured to the producers. Relating to the coir industry advising on all matters is also done. The board shall work in accordance with the government rules. Coir board registration in Chennai is essential since the coir industry encourages the women empowerment. Mostly the manufacturing industries when established in rural areas, the women may get the opportunity to work and hence the unemployment and the poverty can be slightly covered up. Also it takes part in the soil bio-engineering applications.
Documents Required For Coir Board Registration
  • Application annexed in the form Annexure ii
  • Photo Copy of the export order received from overseas buyer
  • Certificate of financial status of the nationalized bank
  • Photo Copy of the PAN card

Steps for Coir Board Registration
  • Visit the website
  • Fill in the application form
  • Fill it with required details
  • Upload the documents.
  • Pay the fees needed
  • Certificate will be obtained