Patent Registration In Chennai

Patent registration in Chennai is essential since the invention can get the protection legally. It can also be used to build the business. Our reputed firm has now extended its firm in various places of Chennai like Ambathur, T-Nagar, Tambaram, Meenambakkam and Adayar. We Corpstore are the pioneer in providing the registration services. We have group of professionals, to follow the process from beginning till the end. The patents can protect the technological Research and Development results. Monopoly of the patent product is examined so that the plagiarism can be avoided. The patent can be sold to other company when it is registered. Others are excluded from selling, offering and sale of the patent. The owner can build the business around the invention. Having the patent raises the opportunities to gain capital and funds. Also the registration is done so as to receive the royalty payments.
Patent filing in Chennai is important since patent is given for any new innovation that is useful for the society. It should also be capable for the industrial application. The product should not be apparent and should have technological advancement to the existing knowledge and innovative action. The registration improves the business interests and it enables the patent holder accredit a premium. It gives the rights to prohibit others from using the patented inventions. The invention should be non-obvious and should contain the inventive step. Also the invention must be the part of patentable subject matter. The invention must be useful to the intended purpose for what it has been created and it has to be different. Also the patent should be available in WTO member states for any invention. Patent registration in Chennai is cost effective and simple. This helps in increase of the revenue by ensuring strong protection.
Documents Required For Patent Registration
  • Patent application Form No 1
  • Provisional specification if complete specification is not available
  • Complete specification in Form no 2.
  • Power of attorney
  • Power of attorney if filed through patent agent.
  • Form No 2

Procedure for Patent Registration

    The following steps are performed for patent registration in Chennai.

  • Patentability or the novelty search
  • Drafting the patent application
  • Publication of the patent application
  • Examination of patent application
  • Grant of patent