Copyright Registration In Chennai

Copyright registration in Chennai is important since it is essentially a right that not to copy someone’s work. Our reputed firm has now extended its wings in various places in Chennai like Arani, Palavakkam, Mamandoor, Porur and Chromepet. We Corpstore are the frontier in providing the registration services. Copyright is a bundle of rights provided to the author. At once the work is created, the copyright comes into existence. As an owner, he/she can prepare the derivative works with the basis on the work and can publicly display the work in any audio-visual form. The copyright is also helpful in building credibility in the market. Legal protection is given only when the registration is complete.
Online copyright registration in Chennai is important since it is an intellectual property and it provides the rights to the creator over literary works. Many benefits are given and the registration is done at low cost. Multiple business entities copyright their product literatures and manuals that contain instructions. The copyright is also a transferable asset. The registration helps to know about the work across the nation. It becomes searchable in copyright registry database. A public record is created for the work one does and it will bring back good feedback and honour to the creator. Copyright Filing in Chennai is important since the creators have the rights to adopt and translate the work. The registered copyright has the proof of ownership and also it can be used to build strong place in the market. The economic stability of the owner and the worldwide protection is ensured when the copyright is obtained.
Documents Required For Copyright Registration
  • Name, address and nationality of the applicant
  • Nature of the applicant’s interest in the copyright like Owner/License
  • Title of the work
  • A declaration signed by the author
  • 2 copies of the work
  • NOC from the publisher if publisher is different from the applicant
  • NOC from the publisher if work is published
  • If the applicant has filed through attorney, then the power of attorney duly signed should be submitted.
  • DD/ IPO of Rs is applicable as per work.
  • In case of software, the source and object code of the work is needed for the verification.

Procedure for copyright registration

The following steps are performed to do the copyright registration.

  • File the copyright application
  • Sign the forms and submit with the Registrar of copyrights
  • Diary number is issued to the applicant
  • Copyright examiner reviews
  • If there is any objection/discrepancy, discrepancy notice is issued.
  • Finally the registration certificate is issued.