AEPC Registration in Chennai

AEPC registration in Chennai takes part in the promotion and the propagation of the ready-made garments. Our reputed firm has now extended its wings in various places in Chennai like Ambattur, Avadi, Adayar, Anna nagar, Shanthi colony and Mylapore and Corpstore has involved in the registration services ahead of the others. We have group of professionals who take part in the registration services effectively. It undertakes various export measures and also undergoes the researches and takes part in the foreign trade policy. Also it includes the budget and the agreements and also monitors the tariffs and the restrictions imposed. It keeps the export efforts of the competing countries. The main role of the AEPC is to promote and popularize the Indian garment.
Online AEPC registration in Chennai is important since it promotes about the Indian apparels which is the tradition in the foreign countries. A positive image is created to the Indian apparel industry. It works on setting up the design centres. The aim is to improve the design, patterns and the technologies. It also conducts the training skill and the development programs in the country. Also it initiates many action plans when they have the collaboration with the members to trigger the effectiveness of the promotion. AEPC registration in Chennai is important since only the registered persons can take part in the prestigious biannual India International garment fair. They also can take part in the end-to-end acre of participation related issues. The registered members also take part in the year-round seminars, study groups and the lectures with the features inputs. The manufacturers are provided assistance with the workforce and the workforce will be given training and their skills will be enhanced.
Documents required for the AEPC registration
  • Self-certified copy of IEC
  • Undertaking on non-judicial stamp paper duly notarized
  • Self-attested copy of Memorandum of Association/Article of association
  • In case of the exporter self-attested copy of the SSI
  • Letter of intent/industrial license issued by the concerned Authority and must be duly signed

Registration steps for AEPC
  • Visit the website
  • Fill the form with the required details
  • Upload the documents that are necessary
  • When the application is processed, then the application is complete
  • The AEPC registration certificate will then be given.