Online legal service providers

Online legal service providers

Legal assistance is necessary if you run a business. We require a law at any time during business. Also we need legislation to address issues like partnership disputes, contract review, establishing a business entity, and any other legal issues we need to address. And we also need to get top-notch professional advice as soon as possible which can assist us with India’s online legal services.

Private limited company registration

Private limited company registration is the most common type of company registration in India. In India, a Pvt ltd company must have at least two shareholders and two directors to be incorporated.


  • To have a private limited company registration in Coimbatore, at least two members and two directors are required.
  • In a private limited company, members and directors may be the same.
  • At least one of the directors of a private limited company must be a resident of India.
  • A Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) with a witness is required for two promoters.
  • You need a Director Identification Number (DIN) for each director for private limited company registration in Coimbatore.
  • You will need documents to submit during registration once these requirements are met.

Registration procedure

  • Verification to see if the company’s name is available.
  • A DSC and DIN application will be properly filed once the company’s name is finalized.
  • An application for a Memorandum of Association (MoA) and Article of Association (AoA) will then be submitted.
  • Obtaining a company’s PAN and TAN is the next step.
  • A certificate for incorporation, in addition to the PAN and TAN, will be issued.
  • The bank account for the business will be opened.
  • Submit the application form and all required documents at the end.


As a member of a private limited company, you will have limited liability when you start one. Additionally, it indicates that no personal assets are at risk for the members of the company.

A private limited company can be established with just two shareholders, in contrast to a public company that requires a larger number of shareholders.

Limited Liability Partnership

In a Limited liability partnership (LLP) partners have limited liability. It might have characteristics of businesses as well as partnerships. 

A partner in an LLP is not held accountable for the misconduct or negligence of any other partner. In India, the Limited Liability Partnership Act of 2008 established LLP.


  • Obtain DSC for LLP registration in Coimbatore
  • Obtain LLP Name approval
  • Processing LLP registration
  • Apply for PAN
  • Apply for TAN
  • LLP deed must be prepared
  • Also, obtain GST registration for LLP

Registration process

You must sign up on the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) website, which is mostly for LLP services. On the page, you can click the “Register” tab.

Complete the application form. The fields with an “*” are mandatory to complete. The best thing to do is to have a username and password.

Upload the certificate for the digital signature next for LLP registration in Coimbatore.

After successful registration, you will also receive a message from the system.


  • LLP is easy to operate
  • Business is renowned.
  • There is no limit on the owners of the business.
  • No requirement for a compulsory audit
  • OPC registration
  • The Companies Act of 2013 introduced the most recent type of business in India—an OPC—. It requires one person to start a business. The OPC is appropriate for small businesses whose revenue is unlikely to exceed Rs. 2 crores, and the maximum amount of money that can be invested is Rs. 50 Lakh.


  • Resident Director 
  • Capital Requirement 
  • Only One Person is required for OPC registration in Coimbatore
  • Unique Company Name

Registration process

Include basic information about the OPC owner, such as full name, email, phone number, etc for OPC registration in Coimbatore.

Apply for a DSC 

Apply for a Director’s Identification Number (DIN), as well as a Certificate of Incorporation (COI). 

Now that your One Person Company (OPC) is registered, you can apply for a PAN, TAN, and a Bank Account in its name.


  • Distinct legal entity
  • Perpetual succession
  • Limited liability
  • Property ownership
  • Enhanced credibility

Trademark registration online

When you run your own business, you always have to worry about other people using your name or logo. As yet another unidentified individual utilizes your goodwill for their gain, this may result in the dwindling of your customer base. 

A strong brand and reputation take time to develop after having Trademark registration in Coimbatore. Customers also recognize your company because of its brand name, logo, and established reputation. Using trademark registration to safeguard the same is crucial. 

Trademarks are one of the most significant intellectual property rights because of this.

Trademark registration process

  • Decide on trademark
  • Decide colour and logo 
  • Verification of the availability of a trademark
  • Provide user date
  • Apply for trademark registration online for Trademark registration in Coimbatore.
  • The application will have an evaluation
  • Evaluation of the reply
  • The trademark will have its advertisement
  • Public opposition will be raised if any
  • If not Trademark will have its registration


  • Exclusive rights are granted
  • Builds trust and loyalty
  • Differentiates products and services
  • Asset creation
  • Safeguards products and services against infringement
  • Low-cost protection for 10 years
  • Also, it attracts human resources.

Patent registration

Following The Patent Act of 1970, patent registration is the process of applying with the appropriate authority to register an invention. If an inventor registers for a patent, they will own all rights to their invention.


  • Convention application
  • PCT application (National phase) within 31 months of the priority date
  • National application
  • Form 1
  • Form 2
  • Statement and undertaking in Form 3
  • Power of attorney in Form 26 is necessary for Patent registration in Coimbatore.
  • Declaration of inventorship in Form 3
  • Declaration of inventor ship-Form 5
  • Form 28
  • A certified true copy of priority document
  • Fees required
  • Registration process
  • Patentability search
  • Patent drafting
  • Filing for a patent is done for Patent registration in Coimbatore.
  • Publication
  • Request for examination
  • An examination report will be issued
  • Hearing with the controller
  • Then the patent is granted.

Benefits of patent registration

  • You can claim exclusive rights to the creation for ten years following official recognition.
  • You use the Indian patent right to start your own business and raise money.
  • You can lease your patent rights to a company that is already established.
  • In addition, you can make sure that no one else can use, sell, or offer the patented service or solution.
  • You can also pitch the patent to other organizations and sell it to them.

GST registration

The government of India implemented the Goods and Services Tax (GST) to regulate prices across the nation and eliminate any state or central government through the introduction of GST registration in India, imposing indirect taxes on goods and services.

Registration process

 1: The applicant must first complete the online application on the GST’s official website and then create a username and password for the portal.

2: The applicant must enter the following information on the website after creating a login ID in the portal:

  • Choose a taxpayer;
  • Choose the appropriate district and state;
  • Enter the company’s information (PAN Card and Name);
  • In the respective boxes, provide your email address and mobile number—both of which must be active for OTPs to be sent.
  • Then, enter the Captcha that is displayed on the window and select Proceed.

3: An OTP will be sent to your email and mobile number after you have entered all of the necessary information.

4: Click the Proceed button after entering all of the information.

5: A Temporary Reference Number (TRN) will be displayed on the screen for the applicant. Keep the TRN for later use. Keep in mind that logging in to the application for GST registration in Coimbatore and opening Part B require TRN.

6: The applicant must reopen the GST website and select the Register button from the Taxpayers menu after receiving the TRN.

gst registration in coimbatore

7: Click the Proceed button after selecting TRN and entering the TRN and captcha code.

8: After that, you will receive an OTP on the mobile number and email address you registered with, enter the OTP, and then click the Proceed button.

9: When you click the Edit icon, a new window will open.

10: A new page with various sections will open up on your screen after you click the edit icon. All relevant information and the required documents must be filed there.

11: Verification of the declaration by clicking on the verification page before applying. The most important methods for applying are as follows:

  • Electronic Verification Code, or EVC;
  • by using e-Sign;
  • If the applicant is a business, DSC must be used to apply.

12: A message will be displayed on the screen when the process is finished, and the ARN will be sent to the GST applicant’s registered email address and mobile number.

13: On the GST website, verify the ARN status.


  • Tax evasion is greatly reduced after having GST registration in Coimbatore;
  • The Composition Scheme provides an opportunity to lower taxes on incomes between 20 and 75 lakhs. This was made to ease the burden of tax and compliance for many small businesses.
  • Under the GST, compliance is lower;
  • cost savings for goods and services;
  • The GST has integrated the Indian market and brought various indirect taxes under one roof.

Income tax filing

The process of submitting an income tax return (ITR) in the prescribed format online to government tax authorities is referred to as income tax e-filing. 

E-filing your income tax returns is safer, easier, and faster than going to the Income Tax Office. 

The majority of tax assesses in India are now required to file their ITR electronically under India’s income tax rules, replacing the earlier paper-based system.

Eligibility criteria for income tax e-filing

According to Income Tax regulations, completing income tax filing in Coimbatore is now required. The following tax assesses are exempt from the requirement to file electronically: 

The assessee of the income tax is an individual or HUF with a maximum annual income of Rs from all sources, including those that are exempt. 5 lakh 

The income tax assessee is a super senior citizen who is 80 years old or older for the FY. 

In both of these scenarios, income tax returns can be filed using the appropriate paper ITR form or electronically.

How to do income tax filing?

  • Visit the income tax e-filing portal
  • Click the register button located in the right top corner
  • Enter PAN under register as a taxpayer. Enter validate button
  • Fill in mandatory details and click continue
  • Once PAN is validated fill contact details and click Continue
  • OTPs are sent to email id and phone number
  • Edit the details and click confirm
  • Enter a personalized message and click the register
  • You will have to proceed to log in to complete income tax filing in Coimbatore.


The Indian government has mandated that all income tax returns be submitted electronically. Compared to the earlier method of filing paperwork, this one is much simpler. The upsides of e-documenting of personal duty are as per the following:

The annual deadline for filing income tax returns is July 31. The user can complete the task more quickly and with less congestion if they file it before this date, as servers typically become overloaded as the deadline approaches.

Taxpayers who file their returns online have a better chance of keeping track of all of their financial dealings with the Income Tax Department.

This record can act helpful on the off chance that the citizen wishes to do a business connection with some other association supporting such keeps from now on.

If a taxpayer is unable to submit income tax returns for the previous year, he or she will be subject to penal interest for each additional day until the payment date. Therefore, filing your income tax return in advance avoids paying an additional penalty.


Employees in India are given the ESI (Employee State Insurance) registration to ensure some degree of safety for them and their families. 

ESIC (Employee State Insurance Corporation) is responsible for providing this registration. ESIC is an independent self-funding body that is constrained by the ESI Act 1948.


When a business, organization, or individual employs ten or more people and their wages or salaries are less than INR 21,000 per month, ESI registration in Coimbatore is required. ESIC issues a seventeen-digit unique identification code to the employing entity and its employees following registration.

ESI registration process

  • Filling Up: You complete the form for ESI registration in Coimbatore completely and submit the required documents.
  • Verification: Every piece of information you provide is double-verified to make sure there are no mistakes. The maximum time for this is 12 days.
  • Submission: We submit the ESI application and other legal documents, which takes two business days.
  • At this point, you have completed your portion of the ESI registration. Your registration is processed after the application is reviewed by the government.
  • You will get 17 digit identification code number, temporary card and employee insurance number.

Benefits of ESI

  • Medical benefits
  • Sickness benefits
  • Disability benefits
  • Maternity benefits
  • Dependent benefits
  • Funeral benefits

FSSAI registration

Any food business in India that manufactures, stores, transports, or distributes food needs an FSSAI license and registration. FSSAI registration or license may be required, depending on the nature of the business and its size. 

The FBO will receive a 14-digit number as part of the process of FSSAI Registration in Coimbatore, which must be printed on food packages.

FSSAI registration process

1: The Food Business Operator (FBO) must visit the Food Safety and Compliance System (FoSCoS) official website and select the signup option from the homepage in the upper right corner.

2: The FOB will be taken to the signup page by clicking on sign up; Click the “Signup” button after entering all of the information, including your Name, Email Address, Mobile Number, Login ID, and Password.

3: A verification code will be shipped off the registered mail and mobile number. To confirm the information, enter the verification code into the box that is provided and select the “Submit” option.

4: After effectively joining, the FOB can enter the entry by entering the username and password.


  • Benefits from the law: It helps regulate, manufacture, store, distribute, and sell imported food. 
  • It builds goodwill after having FSSAI Registration in Coimbatore
  • It raises consumer awareness.
  • When an entrepreneur holds a license from the FSSAI, it is much simpler to obtain funding from investors.


The International Organization for Standardization is referred to as ISO. An autonomous association gives principles concerning quality, well-being, and productivity of items and administrations given by organizations.

ISO registration process

  • Create an application for ISO registration in Coimbatore.
  • Quality documents review
  • Make an action plan
  • Initial certification audit
  • The initial certification audit is of two types. Stage 1 and Stage 2
  • The registrar will award you ISO certification once all non-conformities have been resolved and all findings have been included in the audit report.
  • The primary purpose of a surveillance audit is to check that the organization is adhering to ISO quality standards. It is led every once in a while.


  • Assess both threats and opportunities.
  • Stop problems from happening again.
  • Increase your sales and marketing efforts.
  • Enhance employee output by getting ISO registration in Coimbatore..
  • Enhance your control over the company.


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